Get Away Without Going Far

With the start of summer, many of us are beginning to imagine how we can getaway this season while still remaining mindful of the current situation. Several experts are offering advice on how to do just that, as well as places to explore that will make you feel like you went a lot further away than you actually did. Read on!

Your Comfort Zone This Summer
Conde Nast Traveler’s Women Who Travel podcast tackles all your summer travel questions with the help of experts in their most recent podcast. Give it a listen (or read the transcript)!

Eight Places in the U.S. That Look Like They Aren’t
Travel + Leisure lists eight places in the western US that will make you think you took a much longer plane ride. Get away, but there’s no need to go too far.

Travel Gear for Home
While we continue to work from home, consider investing in items that will work just as well on the road. Outside Magazine put together a list for how to upgrade your work-from-home gear with travel in mind.

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