Prepare for Future Travel

Here at Manifest we’re all still staying home, but we’re using this time productively to prepare for all our future travels. Now is the best time to make sure you have all the travel necessities you’ll need to get back out there as soon as you can. Read below for some tips on how to prepare, as well as one way to fulfill your wanderlust now.

Pack It Up
While it’s still best to stay at home, the Discoverer Blog has several good tips for making sure your camp pack is all set for when restrictions are lifted. Check them out!

Fulfill Your Wanderlust
This writer for Conde Nast Traveler is fulfilling his wanderlust with a… PlayStation4? Read more about what he’s doing, as well as tips and tricks for the rest of us!

Creative Travel From Home

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you can’t travel with a little bit of creativity. Whether it’s filling your kitchen with the smell of Moroccan Mint Tea or turning your living room into a ski mountain, read on for some of the most imaginative ways to travel today.

Travel From Your Kitchen
Travel the world without leaving your kitchen! Here are five recipes anyone can make to instantly transport your taste buds, thanks to Forbes Magazine.

This pandemic is forcing people to get creative in terms of travel. Check out some of these amazing entries in the #TravelFromHomeChallenge taking over social media from CNN.

Be Hospitable

Even during times of crisis, we are all still able to be kind and hospitable. It may not look the same as it did before, but it’s just as important. Here at Manifest, we’re always thinking of ways to be at our best, and we enjoyed reading these articles for tips and ideas on how to do so!

“Hospitality” in a Crisis
What does “hospitality” mean during a pandemic? According to Afar Magazine, many hotels are coming up with new and innovative ways to continue to show customers they care during this time — living up to the true meaning of the word even in the face of crisis.

Take a Tour
Looking for a way to escape one night this week? Take a virtual tour of one of Utah’s Big 5 as you can only see it at night! There’s a day tour available too, thanks to Travel + Leisure for the tip!

What’s Next?

While we may still be in the early stages of the Coronavirus crisis, there are opportunities to think about what will happen once it’s over, as well as what to do in the meantime. Read on for some interesting thought-pieces and ideas on the topic.

What’s Next for Travel
Where do we go from here? Once this pandemic is over, here’s what 12 travel experts are predicting as told to Forbes.

7 Ways to Travel From Home
In the meantime, this blog from The Discoverer offers tips for planning, online communities and learning new things so you can still travel from inside your home. Check them out and try a few this week!

Travel from Home

Stay safe, stay at home. But just because you’re home doesn’t mean you can’t travel! Here’s some ideas for how to get out of your house while staying inside.

Virtual Travel Livestreams
Already watched Tiger King and looking for something a bit more calm and relaxing? These cities offer livestreams of famous landmarks and beautiful destinations to help you escape virtually. Thanks to Conde Nast Traveler for the list!

Quarantine Reading List
Also from Conde Nast Traveler, an excellent quarantine reading list! Here are some ideas to get you started or add to whatever you’ve already got!

Virtual Voyages

Just because your body has to stay at home doesn’t mean your mind can’t wander! During the COVID-19 crisis, there are so many great shows, movies and books to catch up on that will transport your mind and help you virtually get away.

Travel Without Leaving the House
Conde Nast Traveler has come up with THE guide for travel without leaving the house. This list has 101 ways to “feel a little more entertained, a little more inspired, and, most importantly, a little more connected with the rest of the world.”

Streams to Transport You Around the World
AFAR has become one of our go-to resources for getting away during these times. This list of 14 TV shows to stream is all you need on your watch-list this weekend.

Subpar Parks
We all could use a little comic relief right now, and this new Instagram
featuring one-star reviews of our National Parks (yes, they really exist) is just what we need for a good laugh.

Travel Vicariously

Here at Manifest, we’re #TeamTravel through and through. Like many of you, this virus has caused us to cancel our trips and getaways, and well, we’re bummed about it. We’re also here to tell you, along with others, that it’s okay to be disappointed right now. While it’s socially responsible to stay home, that doesn’t make it any easier. We can’t wait to get back out there with you, but in the meantime, here are some ways to keep our wanderlust levels under control.

It’s Ok to Feel Sad
If you don’t believe us, believe Conde Nast Traveler. While it’s socially
responsible to cancel upcoming travel plans, it is okay to be sad about the travel restrictions that are in place.

Visit a Museum… Virtually
Stuck at home and already sick of looking at the same four walls? Or looking for something educational for the kids to do? This list from Travel + Leisure has 12 museums offering free virtual tours to take your mind somewhere else!

Social Distance Through Your Screen
Looking to get away this weekend (without leaving the house)? Stream one of these five movies on Forbes’ list to get your travel thrill.

Take A Walk

These days, we’ve been seeing lots of advice to take more walks! And while they might mean just around the block for now, we highly encourage you to do so as well when you’re on one of our weekend getaways!

Top Hiking Hacks
Many of our trips include hikes to see natural wonders you can only
experience with a bit of a walk. Here are some tips from the experts on how to have an amazing (and safe!) experience at The Discoverer Blog!

Local Lingo
When you travel the United States, you’re bound to hear some regional slang! Trip Trivia lists some local lingo from around America — which ones have you heard, or which ones do you use?

Safety First

At Manifest, we will always put our customer’s safety first. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, we are carefully monitoring the situation with the health of everyone in mind.

Putting You First
We strive to make our travel experiences pleasurable and exciting, with every detail carefully planned and executed — and that includes monitoring COVID-19 and always putting your health and safety first. This article from Korn Ferry offers advice on leadership in these situations that we are taking to heart as we monitor this outbreak.

Travel + Leisure wants you to take all of your vacation days this year, and offers some great tips on how to do it! We couldn’t agree more!

Happy Traveler

At Manifest, we know that experiences and making memories lead to
happiness over material goods and things. And there’s plenty of science to back it up. Read some of that science for yourself below, as well as some ideas to make you a truly happy traveler.

Experiences Over Things
Experiences make you happy, things don’t. Forbes takes a look at the science behind that statement and shows why you should invest your money on what makes you happy.

An Opportunity to Learn
Make travel about more than just experiencing something new by learning something new too. Here are 20 ideas from The Discoverer Blog.

This writer for Conde Nast Traveler describes how she surprised her in-laws with a once-in-a-lifetime trip and offers tips on how you can do the same. Sometimes, there is no better way to be happy than by helping others also experience joy.