Happy 4th!

From all of us at Manifest, we hope you had a happy and safe Fourth of July! Whether or not you were traveling, there were plenty of ways to get in the travel mindset over the holiday.

Busy Travel Weekend
Forecasters predicted the Fourth of July weekend could be the busiest travel weekend in months. It’s a trend that could last through the rest of summer, according to a report in Conde Nast Traveler.

4th of July Sales
If you weren’t traveling over the holiday, hopefully you were able to at least take advantage of these travel gear deals! Conde Nast Traveler had the best of the sales.

Travel Vicariously Through the Grand Canyon
Live vicariously through Brendan Leonard’s experience spending a month rafting through the Grand Canyon, as told in Outside Magazine. You may even feel jealous of his “groover” duty!

Where to Next?

As many states and locations begin to re-open for travel, all of us at Manifest — and we’re sure many of you as well — are beginning to think about where we’ll travel next. These articles offer ideas and tips, as well as motivation, for your next adventure.

Where You Travel Based on Where You Live
AFAR Magazine asked Expedia to compile some data on the favorite destinations of travelers in each state. Do their results line up for you? Are any of the locations on your list?

Travel Makes You Happy
A new study published in Nature Neuroscience and reported in Travel + Leisure has found that having new and varied experiences every day leads to more happiness, even if it’s just around your hometown. The researchers added, “…those who go out to explore their own neighborhoods one day are also more likely to go out and explore the next.”

Stress-Free Road Trips
If you’re thinking your next trip might be of the road variety, check out this article from The Discoverer Blog. These six gadgets are sure to make your next trip not just more organized, but more enjoyable too!

Get Away Without Going Far

With the start of summer, many of us are beginning to imagine how we can getaway this season while still remaining mindful of the current situation. Several experts are offering advice on how to do just that, as well as places to explore that will make you feel like you went a lot further away than you actually did. Read on!

Your Comfort Zone This Summer
Conde Nast Traveler’s Women Who Travel podcast tackles all your summer travel questions with the help of experts in their most recent podcast. Give it a listen (or read the transcript)!

Eight Places in the U.S. That Look Like They Aren’t
Travel + Leisure lists eight places in the western US that will make you think you took a much longer plane ride. Get away, but there’s no need to go too far.

Travel Gear for Home
While we continue to work from home, consider investing in items that will work just as well on the road. Outside Magazine put together a list for how to upgrade your work-from-home gear with travel in mind.

Summer Travel Inspiration

Believe it or not, summer is almost here. And while travel this year make look different than most, there are still ways to (responsibly) fulfill your wanderlust this season. Read on for inspiration.

Hit the Road
How about a road trip? Here’s 10 options from The Discoverer Blog, ranging from a few hours to a few days, that can be endlessly customized for your desired itinerary.

Visit a National Park
As they begin to reopen, visit a national park (or several) this summer! Here’s some tips from National Geographic about how you can do so responsibly.

Don’t Forget About Father’s Day
While you’re planning, don’t forget about Dad! This Sunday is Father’s Day, and Forbes has plenty of ideas for how you can travel with him (virtually) to celebrate the holiday.

Take Your Vacation Days!

With everything going on in the world today, it may not feel like the best time to take a vacation. But while you might stay closer to home (or not leave home at all!), it’s still just as important to take your PTO — and to do so even more thoughtfully.

Use It or Lose It
Even if you don’t go far, taking time off from work is important for recovery and relaxation, something we all could use more of right now. Here are some ideas from CNN for how to make the most of your PTO even if you’re staying at home.

The Future is Sustainable
Now more than ever, the focus should be on sustainable travel. This AFAR article looks at how the pandemic could be a portal to address some of the challenges in the travel industry.

An Ode to Exploration
Escape for a few moments with this ode to exploration with archive footage from polar explorer Eric Larsen set to the words of Robert Service’s famous poem “The Call of the Wild.” Thanks Outside Magazine!

Travel… to Space?

Over the weekend, we all watched as, for the first time in nearly a decade, an American-made craft made the ultimate journey into space. This also marked the first time a privately-owned company sent humans into the new frontier, marking the beginning of a potential new era of travel. Would you go to space? It’s now definitely in the realm of possibility! But while we’re here on Earth, there’s still plenty to see and do.

Historic Space Travel
Millions of Americans tuned in to watch the first privately-led flight of humans into space. While you watched, did you think at all about if you would someday travel out of our atmosphere? We sure did!

Traveling This Summer
While we’re here on Earth, there’s still plenty of travel to look forward to. Even this summer, these Conde Nast Traveler editors offer up why they’e excited about travel, although it may look a bit different.

Spark Happiness

A new study suggests that travel and new experiences can spark happiness, even if it’s not far away from home. Plus, we’re already looking ahead to future travel and have some ideas for inspiration!

Increase Your Health and Wellbeing
A new study, reported in Forbes, shows that having diverse and novel experiences (aka travel!) can lead to increased happiness and wellbeing! Even in times when you can’t go far, the researchers offer tips for how to add some travel to your everyday life.

Your Next Getaway
During COVID, Americans are most interested in traveling to small towns, beaches and out in nature according to one study. Read about the top 20 places we’re all dreaming about right now in Forbes.

Inspire Your Future
Look to your travel past to inspire your future! The Discoverer Blog has tips for how to reflect and celebrate your previous travels with an eye towards your next ones!

Outdoor Travel

As we look forward to future travels, it appears that one of the best options will be getaways that prioritize time outdoors. Read on for options both home and away!

Social Distancing Under the Stars
Manifest is proud to partner with Under Canvas. This article from Travel +Leisure shows how they will go above and beyond to keep their guests safe and healthy while also allowing them to enjoy travel and the great outdoors!

At-Home Oasis
Another great piece from Travel + Leisure offers tips and tricks for making your backyard your favorite summer getaway. Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to create an at-home oasis!

Your Travel Bucket List

As we continue to stay safer-at-home near Manifest HQ in Denver, we can’t help but make plans for when we can travel again. There’s no better time to let your wanderlust grow. Here are some ideas for how to do just that.

Travel Better than Before
A writer for Forbes argues this is the perfect opportunity for a paradigm shift with travel, and that everyone should be making a travel bucket list. Now is the time to plan how you will travel better than before.

Support Travel Now, for Later
As you add to your bucket list, are you worried some of the spots on it might not be there for long? This article offers tips for ways to support them now, as well as plenty of recommendations for who to support.

Prepare for Future Travel

Here at Manifest we’re all still staying home, but we’re using this time productively to prepare for all our future travels. Now is the best time to make sure you have all the travel necessities you’ll need to get back out there as soon as you can. Read below for some tips on how to prepare, as well as one way to fulfill your wanderlust now.

Pack It Up
While it’s still best to stay at home, the Discoverer Blog has several good tips for making sure your camp pack is all set for when restrictions are lifted. Check them out!

Fulfill Your Wanderlust
This writer for Conde Nast Traveler is fulfilling his wanderlust with a… PlayStation4? Read more about what he’s doing, as well as tips and tricks for the rest of us!