Private Air Travel with Manifest

This is an updated version of a post that originally ran January 2021.

If you could choose your own adventure to a destination that required air travel and were offered the option to fly commercially with hundreds of strangers or take a comfortable private aircraft with just a few other people, the choice would be easy to make. 

At Manifest, not only do we create powerful experiences for our Members with custom-crafted getaways to unique destinations within the US and around the world, we also offer the luxury of hassle-free travel with private flights available for almost all of our trips.

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To illustrate the attention to detail and priority we place on your comfort, convenience, and memories, let’s walk through what a vacation would look like if you flew commercially to your destination instead of flying private as a valued Member of Manifest. 


The Stress of Getting There

Getting to the airport for a departure is stressful under the best of circumstances. Travelers have to account for distance to the airport, potential traffic, airport parking costs, and whether the security lines will be crowded and busy. Checking in for a commercial flight is also time-consuming — even for people who have a Global Entry Membership. If you choose to check your luggage, your arrival time to the airport has to be hours before you ever set foot on the aircraft. Even for a domestic flight, most airlines recommend checking luggage up to two hours before your departure time.

The hustle and bustle of a public airport and commercial flights means that the TSA process can often be delayed, causing travelers to worry about missing the small window of time that’s allotted to board their flight. Adding insult to injury, over the holidays and peak travel times, airports are often burdened with long lines and impatient, disgruntled strangers.

Flying During a Pandemic?

Since 2020, we’ve also been reckoning with unprecedented circumstances in shared public spaces — COVID-19. Though airline mask mandates have been removed over the last year, the virus is still a concern. Being indoors at the airport, navigating through security, waiting at the terminal, and sharing an enclosed space with other travelers for an extended period of time can increase your risk of exposure, even if you’ve been vaccinated or have had COVID in the past. And on a typical commercial flight, 100-200 passengers could be on board. 

The Waiting Game

Once you arrive at your destination on a commercial flight, a long stream of people removing their luggage from the overhead bins keeps you on the plane, usually standing in a cramped position as you wait to step into the aisle and deplane. Then you have to navigate the new airport to find your way to baggage claim — hoping that your important belongings weren’t lost or delayed in the shuffle with thousands of other pieces of luggage. After you gather your items, you find your way to public or private transportation or a rental car service desk — often adding an unnecessary hour or two to the time you spend at the arrival airport. 


Now let’s envision what a getaway looks like as a Manifest Member. From stepping out of your front door to your arrival in your destination city, you are shepherded every step of the way by our hands-on team.

Private Black Car Service

Flying private with Manifest, you’ll never worry about maneuvering through traffic, paying for covered parking for a specific amount of days or potentially missing your flight. As a Member, there is no need to make your way to a busy commercial airport multiple hours before your departure time. When the day arrives to travel to your custom-crafted getaway with us, getting to that destination is seamless. We will meet you at your doorstep with private black car service and take you to a nearby private air terminal for your flight. At the end of the experience, our high-touch car and luggage service will be waiting at the same airport for your return, to deliver you safely to your home.

Comfort and Amenities of Flying Privately

One of the most appealing qualities of private air travel is the comfort and amenities that are provided. Quick and attentive service is personalized to each Member and any requests you might have while in-flight are met in a heartbeat. At Manifest, we know our Members as individuals with varied needs and preferences. This central philosophy extends to every point of service during an experience — from serving you a chilled in-flight cocktail to adjusting your ambient lighting so you can rest before landing. Cushioned lounge chairs, spacious bathrooms, and advanced infotainment will set the scene to ensure that your vacation truly begins at take-off.

Like-minded Members

Instead of flying with hundreds of strangers, when you’re en route to a Manifest experience, you’ll be traveling with a much smaller group of family and friends on your private charter, or with fellow, like-minded Members on certain getaways, giving you the opportunity to relax and socialize with people heading to the same experience. When you arrive at your destination, our service team will immediately reunite you with your luggage and whisk you away to your luxury accommodations. And at the end of each Manifest experience, our black car service returns you to the airport for your private flight home, during which you can kick back, compare notes, and relive the highlights of the vacation you just shared together. With our private air option, a four-day getaway really is a four-day getaway, not just two vacation days sandwiched between two miserable travel days filled with the stress of TSA lines.

Safety Precautions

The health and safety of our Members and employees is always our top priority and even more pertinent during surges in the pandemic. All flights arranged by Manifest are performed by independent, third-party FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers. Additionally, we know our aviation and hospitality partners have thoroughly vetted their safety protocols, and are dedicated and focused on maintaining safety measures that ensure the health of our Members. Because every moment of your trip is pre-planned and organized, we are well-situated to provide safe, healthy, custom experiences for our Members whenever you travel with us.

The Private Aircraft Experience

Our unique operating model has broadened the audience for private aviation. Private aircraft and flights are no longer an aspirational daydream nor exclusive to wealthy families or businessmen thanks to our strategic club structure. Additionally, because private aircraft are smaller than commercial planes and can land at more airports thanks to their dexterity and dimensions, the destinations to which you can fly are nearly endless. With Manifest, the sky really is the limit!

Learn more about the benefits of Membership and private charters with Manifest. And consider booking one of our thoughtfully curated experiences like the golf retreat to The Woodlands, a wine weekend in Ojai, four days of fly-fishing in Vermont, or any of the other 50+ getaways available on our Experiences page.

Regardless of the destination — and whether you choose to fly commercial or let us arrange your private flight — our Manifest team will work to make sure you have an unforgettable vacation experience.