August Already?

We can’t believe this week marks the end of July and beginning of
August. But as the temperatures rise, the days left before summer
vacations officially end get lower. If you’re still dreaming of a summer getaway, or just in dire need of a place to cool off, check out the articles from this week.

Cool Off This Summer
With all these triple-digit temps lately, we’re daydreaming of these places to beat the heat. We might even be booking flights to one of these eight places Outside Magazine suggests as the best places to cool off this year.

Before Back-to-School
Whether you’re trying to beat the heat or just beat the back-to-school deadline, The Discoverer Blog has eight ideas that are easily-accessible ideas but won’t feel last-minute.

Best Road Trip: Baja
For those with more time on their hands, National Geographic beyond the Cabo party scene and digs into what truly makes the Baja peninsula unique.

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