A New Way to Enjoy Life

This week, Manifest Escapes’ founder Jeff Potter was featured on the luxury travel blog JustLuxe, discussing our launch and why he created the company. A top travel and luxury journalist, Susan Kime, interviewed him about why opportunities for experiential travel close to home are so important. Beyond planning more trips, our team at Manifest is also hard at work planning our first member event — stay tuned for more information soon!

Manifest: A New Lifestyle, Private Jet Travel Club

Manifest founder Jeff Potter was featured in JustLuxe, a luxury travel blog, discussing the company with respected travel journalist Susan Kime. “We created a company that provides innovative ways for our members to engage in unique travel experiences, closer to home, and on private jets,” said Potter. “Essentially, we want to provide a new way to enjoy life.”

Adult Summer Camp?

With summer almost here in Denver (at least on the calendar), we are reminiscing about our childhood camp days. Did you know there are adult summer camps where you can have those experiences again,
without the need for a time machine? Here’s five of them.

Trains Are Making A Comeback

Along with summer camp, trains are also making a comeback. The
Discoverer Blog offers five train routes in the United States that are worth the travel throwback.

Celebrating Earth

On April 22 we recognized Earth Day, which provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our planet. We can think of no better way to honor Earth than by exploring it! Check out the articles below for more ideas on how to expand your horizons and see more of the beautiful place we call home.

The Next National Holiday?

Sign this petition to make Earth Day a national holiday. When we have more time to travel and connect with our world, we are much more likely to protect it.

Celebrating Our National Parks

To kick off National Park Week, each of our 58 national parks offered free admission on April 20th. Outside Magazine polled their staff on their favorite national parks, which one is yours?

Traveling as an Introvert

When you’re an introvert, traveling for days at a time with others can be a struggle. This Medium author offers tips on how to rest and recharge while exploring with a #TravelTribe.

Do NOT Check Your Email

What if your paid vacation days also included a bonus for completing unplugging while you’re away? This boss pays his employees $750 more NOT to check email while they’re out of office.

Travel as a Mindset

Paul Theroux said, “Travel is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with existence or the exotic. It is almost always an inner experience.” At Manifest, our experiences are designed to change your worldview as much by altering your mindset as your location. Whether you’re oceans away or just down the street, view the world through the eyes of a traveler.

Home From a New Perspective

After traveling around the world, this Medium author discovered how looking at her home with a different mindset changed her perspective entirely.

An American Safari

Go on safari, without going to Africa. The Discoverer blog explores four spots where you can get up close to wildlife without leaving the U.S.

Making Travel More Memorable

Make your vacations more memorable with these five tips. The first one? Experiential travel.

Travel Doesn’t Have To Mean Far Away

With summer approaching, we’re sure many of you are planning, and possibly dreading, weeks-long vacations with family and friends. But what if vacation didn’t mean two week away from home and work, only to return more stressed out than when you left over all you’ve missed? Read on to see how travel doesn’t have to mean far away, and how weekend-long getaways can be just as, if not more, refreshing than weeks-long escapes.

Take Back Your Weekends

Don’t return to work on Monday feeling worse than you did leaving Friday afternoon. Turn your weekends into mini-vacations with these tips from the Wall Street Journal.

Fly To, Not Over

The Discover blog offers five “fly-over” locations that deserve a closer look. With Manifest, we’ll fly you to, not over, these gorgeous locales.

The Best Family Vacations Are Closer Than You Think

Outside Magazine highlights the best vacations in North America, and many of them are closer than you think!

Manifest Now Available in Over 60 Cities

It’s spring in Denver, which means 80 degrees one day, and a blizzard the next. In other news, we’ve opened up our waitlists to over 60 cities this week, with even more chapters on the way for those who want them the most. Go register, then come back and spend your daydreaming about your upcoming travels with these great articles from around the Web.

Discover the 15 Most Beautiful Places in the United States

Some of the world’s most beautiful places are closer than you think! Here are 15 gorgeous spots you can check out with no jetlag required.

The Newest Luxury Good? Experiences.

As people begin to value meaningful experiences over possessions, the newest status symbol is “where you are, who you’re with and what you’re doing.”


Before your next trip into the great outdoors, take a look through the seven principles behind Leave No Trace and help preserve your experience for the next person.

Travel Hacks From the Pros

Some of the world’s most famous travel influencers are sharing their top travel hacks. Advice includes: follow the local’s lead, go the extra mile, and always stay hydrated!

Where To Next?

Spring break is over, which means now it’s time to plan your summer getaways. We’re of course here to help. Check out these articles for inspiration and tips for your next vacation.

What If Your Company Offered “Life Leave?”

In Australia, companies are recognizing that to truly enjoy your time off, you’ll need more than one two-week vacation per year. With 12 weeks of “life leave” instead, the options for how to spend it are limitless.

How Travel is Different From Vacation

In this Medium article, one woman describes how she discovered that finding travel experiences outside her comfort zone can be more rewarding than the typical rest and relaxation.

The Best Weekender Bags

With just three or four nights in each of our unique destinations, a great weekender bag is all you should need. Conde Nast Traveler provides the best options for your next getaway.

Spring has Sprung

It’s officially spring! With a quarter of the year past already (we know, right?) do you have a plan to use all of your vacation days this year? Don’t be one of the millions of Americans who leave days on the table! Check out the articles below for ideas on how to spend yours, and why you should spend every single one.

The Ideal Short Trip: The Grand Canyon

Even if you only have a few days on hand, there are plenty of ideal places for short trips and weekend getaways. The Grand Canyon is one of them.

Why You Should Use ALL of Your Vacation Days

Even if your company has a guilt-ridden “unlimited” vacation policy, you really should use all of your vacation days. Conde Nast Traveler’s Women Who Travel podcast explains why.

Manifest Escapes Featured in Forbes

Not to toot our own horn, but, well… Our CEO Jeff Potter talked with Forbes about why he thinks Americans don’t use all their vacation days and how Manifest is helping to change that.