Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Manifest

Get to know us, let us get to know you...

We hope that the FAQ below will answer many of your questions and help you get to know more about the Manifest Experience, Membership Details, and our Team.

We'd love the chance to get to know you and help you manifest the travel experiences you have always dreamed of.  Please schedule a time to chat with our founders Jeff Potter or Eric Marcoullier, or use the site's chat function on the bottom right of this window to see if we're available to speak right now.

The Basics

  • What is Manifest?

    Manifest is a luxury travel company that enables more of us to travel like the top one percent. More specifically, we create a variety of getaways for our members that include high-quality experiences, accommodations, meals, private aircraft and concierge services, for less than you probably expect.

  • How does Manifest work?

    Manifest is a membership-based travel club, organized into city-specific chapters. Members pay an annual membership fee giving them access to Manifest, which includes the ability to book travel Experiences and participate in local chapter events. Each Experience has an additional cost per person published on our member site. When you travel on an Experience, you will be traveling with other members of your chapter, unless you have requested that we build you a custom, private Experience. 

  • How much does Manifest cost?

    Annual memberships are $2,500. Memberships give you the ability to book Manifest Experiences and participate in local chapter events. Each Manifest Experience has an additional cost per person that is trip-specific and published on our member site. These vacations average between $2,500 and $8,000 and include your flight by private aircraft, specified hotel, several meals, and incredible activities with your fellow members. Due to our founders' unique connections in the aviation industry, we are able to price private air similar to business class tickets, bringing you a luxury experience for surprisingly accessible pricing. 

  • How is Manifest different from other vacation or travel clubs?

    Because Manifest is chapter-based, we focus on both the destination *and* the departure cities. Our Experiences begin the moment you leave your front door, when we pick you up and whisk you away to a private drop off at a local FBO. A four-day getaway really is a four-day getaway, not just two vacation days sandwiched between two miserable travel days filled with the stress of TSA lines.

  • Can't I just do this on my own?

    Of course you can put together vacations on your own! You probably already do. And if you like to just wing it on trips, then Manifest is probably not for you.

    Assuming that you do plan your vacations, then you know that planning takes time, research, and often stress. There is a glut of information out there, and it's difficult to know what to trust and whether you are truly going to have the experience you expect. The best kinds of travel experiences often come from recommendations from your well-traveled friends and family. So, think of us like that well-traveled friend who's been everywhere and has connections all over. Our travel experts have decades of travel and event planning experience, and insider access to bring you memories you will cherish for years to come.

    Because of our business model, you simply get more for your money. You might not wish to pay for a private guide on your own, but split between four families an amazing full-day guide becomes accessible. And, of course, when you put together your own trip, you're probably not going to fly on a private aircraft for the price of commercial business / first class.


  • Why a membership model?

    Manifest uses a membership model for several reasons.

    First, we can only enable you to travel on private aircraft if everyone on the trip is coming from the same city, which is why we are a chapter-based club.

    Secondly, from a business standpoint, we need some level of predictability from our customer base. If every trip is essentially a new customer acquisition, we'll never stay in business and provide for you these incredible experiences.

    That said, we're making sure that membership is more than an annual fee. Membership in Manifest is as meaningful as our Experiences. 

  • What do I get with my membership?

    First, you travel on a private plane on every trip with your fellow members. This removes the hours of hassle involved with commercial airports, freeing up your time to experience more from your trip. If you could upgrade yourself and three friends to a private plane for $2,500, you'd probably consider it.

    Additionally, you get to meet and travel with other local people in your chapter – fellow executives, doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, all of whom share a passion for meaningful adventure. 

    Manifest members can attend regular curated local events, like dinners with special guests, behind-the-scenes tours of art and history museums, and nearby excursions and events.

  • Why are you limiting memberships in each location?

    We want to make sure that we provide the best experience possible for our members and not grow faster than our ability to make them feel like royalty. By limiting each chapter to just 150 new members per year, we ensure that you'll never hear "we are experiencing higher-than-normal call volume" when you reach out to us.

  • When is Manifest coming to my city?

    Soon, we hope! After Texas, we will expand throughout the rest of the country. Place youself on the waitlist for your city to move up our launch plans in your area.

  • How often can I travel?

    How much free time do you have? We would love it if you traveled with us on every Experience in our portfolio! We will open Experiences for booking an average of six months in advance. However, if there is a particular trip within a 2-hour flight of your chapter city that you've always dreamed of, we'd be happy to speak with you about creating a custom trip for just you and your friends or family. There is no limit to the number of our Experiences that you can take each year. Each Experience has an additional cost per person that is published on the Manifest member site. 

  • How many people can I bring?

    On group Experiences, you are allowed to bring any members of your immediate family (spouse and children) and up to three guests for an additional cost per person. If you have more family that would like to come, we're happy to figure out how to make that work and explore building a custom, private Experience for your group. 

  • Can my kids come?

    If a trip has age requirements (for instance, 21 to drink, or 18 to skydive) we'll put that in the trip description. Otherwise, your awesome and well-behaved children are welcome to come.


  • What kind of experiences will be offered?

    Widely speaking, our trips will fall into Food & Wine (winery tours, famous restaurants, and cooking classes), Leisure (golf trips, romantic escapes), Outdoors (camping and hiking), Adventure (surfing, skiing) and Events (sporting events and live music). If you have an idea for an Experience, we'd love to hear it. 

    Experiences will be designed around locations within a 2-hour flight of each chapter city.

    Manifest will offer a combination of three- and four-day getaways along with longer six- and seven-day trips across the US.

  • Where will Manifest have trips?

    Most travel will occur within a 2-hour halo around a member's city. This enables us to ensure that no day is a "travel" day as well as always provide private aircraft service. There's an amazing wealth of activities with a 1,200-mile radius of your city.

  • Will you have international trips?

    For now, Manifest is focused on travel within the US, although we may occasionally head to Mexico or Canada for a trip. In the future, our team of travel experts would be happy to discuss helping you plan an international trip. 

  • How many people will be on each trip?

    Trips will have as few as four people and as many as 20. Most trips will have between six and ten people. Our overarching goal is to always provide a personalized and meaningful experience for each person on each trip.

    In some cases, we may limit the number of travelers based upon an experience or hospitality partner’s requirements or other limitations that ensure the proper atmosphere.

  • What if I have an idea for an experience?

    Tell us! We expect at least half of trips will start with a conversation with Manifest member who says "I've always wanted to..."

  • How far in advance are the trips planned?

    Trips will generally post with two to four months of advanced warning. For special events and seasonal experiences, we might announce up to six months ahead of time and we may occasionally offer some incredible last-minute deals with just a week or two of departure.

  • What if I can't go on the dates scheduled for a specific experience?

    If the dates of a particular trip don't work, please let us know. Based on demand, we expect to offer multiple dates for the most popular vacations. And, depending on your group size, we would be happy to discuss creating a custom departure for you.

  • Will I be on my own private plane or traveling with other people?

    For scheduled Experiences, you will be traveling with other members from your chapter who have booked the trip. If you would like to discuss creating a private departure, depending on your group size, we would be happy to explore that option with you. Please note that pricing for private Experiences may vary from the group rates.

  • Will you ever cancel an Experience?

    We will run any Experience with a minimum of two members. If extreme weather or events outside our control impact a departure, we will reschedule the Experience. 

  • What are your cancellation policies for members traveling on an Experience?

    Once you book an Experience, you are fully committed to travel on that trip as we have to secure planes, vendors, and hotel space each with their own unique cancellation penalties. However, should you not be able to travel on a particular Experience you have booked, you are welcome to find a substitute Member to fill your space. We will also reach out to your chapter's membership and, if we are able to fill your spot, we will refund you. 

  • When do I pay for an Experience?

    We collect payment at the time of booking in order to secure your spot.

  • Can I change the itinerary of a trip?

    If it is a group Experience, our itineraries are set in advance (and we promise they will be incredible!). However, should you wish to do something on your own for a particular morning, afternoon, or full day during the trip, we would be happy to discuss private tour options. Please note that you will not receive a refund for any group activities you decide not to partake in, and any private arrangements will be at an additional cost. 


  • What kind of aircraft will be used?

    The private aircraft range from four seats to 20 seats. Most trips will utilize jet aircraft, but turboprop aircraft may be used if operational requirements dictate.

  • Does Manifest operate the aircraft?

    No. Manifest partners with private aviation companies that have obtained the highest level of safety standards (ARGUS Platinum and Gold Rating). In addition, each will be required to meet specific standards set by Manifest and bound by corporate service guidelines to ensure the best possible experience for our members and guests.


  • Who are the Manifest team members?

    Our executive team has decades of experience in travel and startups. Jeff was the CEO of several travel companies, including Frontier Airlines, Exclusive Resorts, CMH Heli-skiing and Surf Air. Eric was the co-founder of several startups that have gone public and/or been acquired in the past two-and-a-half decades.

  • Why did you start Manifest?

    Because travel is important. It lets you take a breath for a moment and enjoy the wonder of your surroundings. Travel lets you see the world and reshape your relationship with it. Travel provides opportunities to share experiences with your loved ones that you would never otherwise have. Seriously, we can't say enough wonderful things about travel.

    And yet, it's hard to find the time to spend two full days navigating airports, to dedicate hours researching hotels, flights, and activities, and to commit to taking the time off from our busy lives. Manifest hopes to help you spend more time doing what matters, and less time dealing with lines and planning, so you can manifest the travel lifestyle you've always wanted.

    We want everyone to enrich their lives through travel, so we started Manifest to make that happen.

  • How long has Manifest been in business?

    Jeff has been working on the Manifest concept in one way or another for the past five years. Eric met Jeff in the summer of 2017 and immediately joined him, officially creating the Manifest executive team. They've been kicking butt together, with a growing crew of travel fanatics, ever since.