Trip Details

Believed to be the world’s first national park, there are few places that display the grandeur of the American West like Yellowstone National Park. Ferdinand Hayden, the man who advocated for the creation of the park in 1872, believed the 3,468 square miles of pristine lakes, canyons, rivers and mountains should be “a pleasure ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people,” — an idea the park continues to celebrate nearly 150 years later.

While exploring the park’s unique ecosystems, watching wildlife and experiencing the drama of the geothermal geysers, allow the stress and worry of your everyday to fade in comparison to the landscape shaped by thousands of years of pressure and fire. See Old Faithful shoot into a sky that goes on forever, and experience Hayden’s sentiment that the park, and its visitors, “should be as free as the air or water.”

But Yellowstone is about more than peace and tranquility. Sense the daring adventure that defined the Wild West as you careen down rivers while white water rafting, zipline through the Big Sky air, and traverse the rugged landscape on horseback before a mountain cookout with all the works. Take a slightly slower pace with a morning on Hebgen Lake kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding, followed by an afternoon of archery.

After the sun goes down behind the mountains, return to camp for a delicious dinner of campfire tacos or roasted trout before retreating to your five-star tent’s private patio for snuggling and star-gazing. Exhausted by your unforgettable experiences, climb onto a soft mattress under premium linens and sleep soundly, kept warm by a wood-burning stove. Dream of waking up with the sun, refreshed and ready for another day in our nation’s most priceless national treasure.