Trip Details

For 70 miles between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, following the Mississippi River, runs Great River Road. While the entirety of the road spans more than 2,000 miles from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, in Plantation County the road passes by dozens of the fabled mansions, where long ago the culture and cuisine of the region was cemented, and remains influential to the present day.

During your three-day getaway to the heart of the antebellum south, you’ll visit several of Louisiana’s most recognizable and remarkable plantation homes, and stay at one of the most complete mansions on the road. The Oak Alley Plantation, named for its quarter-mile entrance canopy of 300-year-old oak trees, is a National Historic site featuring several exhibits and areas to explore, as well as the Big House the plantation is centered around. Spend the night in one of their unique cottages, complete with luxury amenities and private screened porches.

While much of the daily life centered around plantations in the early and mid 1800s has gone, what has endured is the culture and cuisine created by those who spent their days both inside and outside the mansions. Learn about the history of gospel music when you visit the area’s first Catholic Church built for African Americans. Have a Cajun cooking experience and see how the sausage is made — andouille sausage that is. Enjoy a true crawfish boil, complete with sugar cane rum tasting and Perique cigars. Finally, no trip to the bayou is complete without a stop in the swamp, and your boat tour will allow you to get up close with its inhabitants, including the American Alligator.

After a weekend of stepping back in time, return to modern life on your private plane with a renewed appreciation of the history and culture that brought us to today.