Trip Details

Santa Fe has long attracted visitors drawn to its ancient pueblos, sacred ruins and spiritual shrines, seeking restoration and renewal surrounded by its majestic landscape. While it’s hard to point to any one aspect of Santa Fe as the reason for its magnetic pull, the combination of each of them has provided inspiration and healing for many.

Explore each of these aspects of the energy of Santa Fe with three days of yoga, spa treatments and meals designed to increase your health and wellness as your worries and stresses fall away. 

The weekend centers around Ten Thousand Waves, the Japanese-style spa and inn dedicated to providing a sense of serenity and relaxation. After taking a walking tour of the Plaza in historic Santa Fe upon arrival — including a stop by the chocolate shop Todos Santos for their unique and handmade truffles as well as a wine tasting at the Gruet Tasting Room — you’ll check into your room and shed your street clothes for a yukata, a casual kimono you are welcome to wear about the property for the remainder of your stay.

Every morning and afternoon, take yoga classes taught by a private instructor who will facilitate your transformational experience with a customized practice fitting your needs. Between classes, enjoy the resorts Grand Bath, the closest thing to a true onsen in North America, as well as saunas, sunning decks and cold plunges. 

Each day you’ll also enjoy spa treatments including hot stone massages, salt glows, herbal wraps and more. With meals provided at the resort’s upscale izakaya restaurant, you’ll fill your body with organic and sustainably-raised wagyu beef, local produce and fresh sashimi. 

Before departure, take a short hike on the La Piedra trail and reflect on your experience beneath the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. You’ll have to return to the real world eventually, but you don’t have to return to it the same.