About Us

what inspires us


The Manifest team collectively shares a passion for travel, different and diverse.  We know that time away is important. We have committed ourselves to the creation of a company that provides a new, innovative way for our members to experience a variety of offerings where planning is no longer a concern.  Our passion to deliver these experiences extends to the very fabric of why Manifest was created – with the promise that we deliver to our members new and exciting trips that change the way they can enjoy life.


Just as important as our passion for travel is our commitment to member satisfaction and exhilaration. Our mission at Manifest guides us to take on any challenge that stands between you and fulfilling adventures.


When selecting a name and creating a brand promise, we felt that "Manifest" embodies everything we want to be for our members -- your path to the vacations you’ve always wanted to spend with family and friends. "Manifest" in its noun form refers to those traveling on a particular flight, which is an homage to our chapter-based membership. In its verb form, "manifest" refers to the act of making something happen – we hope to help you manifest your dream travel lifestyle.

“Distinct,” “unmistakable,” “open,” “prominent” and “revealing” are just a few of the synonyms of the word Manifest, and they only begin to convey our commitment to transforming our members' lives through their important time away from home.

“Conventional wisdom tells us… we take our baggage with us. I’m not so sure. Travel, at its best, transforms us in ways that aren’t always apparent until we’re back home. Sometimes we do leave our baggage behind, or, even better, it’s misrouted to Cleveland and is never heard from again.”
Eric Weiner

Our Team

Jeff Potter, Founder and CEO

Born in France and living abroad for much of his upbringing set the stage for Jeff's passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures. His travels have since taken him to all corners of the world including the Galapagos Islands, the Dalmation Coast, and Vietnam just to name a few. During his travels, as he was exposed to new settings and adventures, it strengthened his belief that much was yet to be discovered within a matter of hours of where he lives. This progression of thought is the premise for the travel experiences offered by Manifest - you don't have to go far to go beyond.

During his extensive career in aviation and hospitality, which included CEO roles at Frontier Airlines, Exclusive Resorts, CMH Heli-Skiing, and Surf Air, he fortunately achieved some successes, but more importantly lessons learned - all of which have been incorporated into the foundation of Manifest to ensure that our member experience exceeds all expectations.

Eric Marcoullier, Chief Product Officer

Eric's passion for travel begins at home, where he takes his children to visit another country each year and has committed to taking them to every continent before they graduate high school. For him, travel is an opportunity to step out of his own limited worldview and see something truly new.

Eric has been launching digital companies since dropping out of college in 1995. He’s had the privilege of working with some great companies, including IGN, Cyberlore, MyBlogLog, Gnip and Beatport. Along with some great successes, Eric has also had some spectacular failures and he brings the wisdom gained from all of those experiences to Manifest.

Anne Marie Brown, VP Experiences

Anne Marie grew up in the hospitality industry in Honolulu as part of family-owned hotel company, Outrigger Hotels & Resorts, where she held a seat on the Advisory Board of Directors for 12 years. She has a passion for experiential travel, and has traveled to over 40 countries. She helped build the Journeys program at Exclusive Resorts, and developed and ran the Experiences program and the Bespoke custom travel program at Inspirato. She owns a real estate venture fund, Colorado Ohana Ventures, which invests in a range of commercial real estate projects including hotels, office, and multi-family.

Anne Marie holds an MBA from the Darden School of Business, at the University of Virginia, and a BA in English and Creative Writing from Colorado College. Her favorite places to travel to are Southeast Asia and Africa. Her free time is spent hiking in Colorado, writing poetry, planning trips for friends, and exploring the world with her husband, Matt, and daughter, Malia.

Margaret Harrell, Director of Business Operations

Margaret began her travels working in the airline industry at a young age in Colorado.  Flying to Colorado Ski Resorts and small Midwestern towns made for great experiences and exploration.  Later, she worked for the major airlines, servicing most of the US and broadening her travels from west to east coast.  Taking full advantage of when travel was easy, fun and affordable for an airline employee and her family both domestically and internationally.  

During Margaret’s airline years, she worked in various positions including reservations, aircraft scheduling, overseeing daily operations, dispatch and crew scheduling.  Her expertise was focused on Revenue Management and Pricing.  

Cam Thiel, Director of Member Services

Cameron has loved to travel for as long as he can remember.  After spending over 2 years in Central America after college, he knew his path would include travel.  Cameron has worked with United Airlines, Exclusive Resorts, Inspirato, and Rothschild Safaris.  He comes to Manifest with a passion for travel, and a deep knowledge of the industry, with 20 years of experience.

Hannah Major, Director of Experience Development

Hannah’s love of travel and hospitality coordination began in Hawaii with the Four Seasons Hualalai after she graduated from the University of Denver with her bachelors in hotel, restaurant, and tourism management.  After completing several department rotations in the company’s Manager-in-Training program she returned to her home state of Colorado to begin work for the luxury destination travel club, Exclusive Resorts. After nearly 6 years of curating & executing member trips and building meaningful relationships with vendors and members alike, Hannah joined Manifest. Hannah’s passion for travel supersedes her other interests, but in between moving and traveling she loves to spend time with her dog, hiking, camping, snowboarding, riding horses, and exploring any available body of water via surfboard, standup paddle board, snorkeling or just good old swimming. 

Lean St, Development Partner

Failure to launch is the stuff of nightmares. Lean Street provides "launch insurance" through a team of dedicated US executives and best-in-breed tech teams from around the globe. Lean St has been a joy to work with -- strategically thoughtful and technically capable. They are everything you want in a software development partner. 

Fathom & Draft, Design Partner

Fathom & Draft is a potent design shop located in Greenville, SC. Their team has served in senior leadership roles in venture-backed startups over the last 15 years and they bring that experience to bear for each one of their clients to help them achieve real business results. We are over the moon at how Fathom & Draft has turned our corporate ideals into a visible design language.

VOCA, PR Partner

VOCA Public Relations specializes in the areas of travel and hospitality, luxury, lifestyle, residential and commercial real estate, and food and beverage and serves these clients using a small, dedicated team of senior-level publicists. Given their extensive domain knowledge and shared passion, VOCA has proven to be an incredible asset in sharing the Manifest message.