Trip Details

In the middle of Sierra County, New Mexico, lies the oddly-named city of Truth or Consequences, which earned its name by changing it from the more-apt Hot Springs in 1949 to honor a popular game show of the same name. The town was chosen for the honor by show host Ralph Edwards for embodying the same philosophy as his hit radio show – “A real friendliness for people and a desire to help mankind.”

That philosophy continues today, and is embodied by the Sierra Grande retreat, a serene, 17-room hotel resting on the healing waters of mineral-enriched geothermal hot springs. The springs, which honor the legendary healthy traditions first established by the region’s Native Americans, are ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation along with the hotel’s tranquil spa offering a wide range of holistic wellness services.

Enjoy all of this, as well as the tranquility of nature surrounding the town, during three days and two nights at this Ted Turner retreat. Each day will include an opportunity to explore one of the area’s unique landscapes — including the White Sands National Monument, the natural oasis of the Ladder Reserve and the 360,000 acre Armendaris property in the crimson Chihuahuan desert.

Each day will also offer opportunities for therapeutic spa treatments, including a daily 30-minute soak in your private hot springs bath, with temperatures reaching 104 degrees. You’ll also enjoy a 90-minute aromatherapy massage and wrap, as well as a 60-minute service of your choice.

Complete with a seasonal dining menu that masterfully blends American culinary heritage with strong Southwestern flare, your time in Truth or Consequences will leave you feeling balanced with the best of both.