Fall Getaways

Looking for some travel inspiration this fall? Here are three locations Manifest is planning getaways for our members!

Colorado’s Last Best Mountain Town
Watch Crested Butte go from mining town to mountain paradise in this short video from Outside Magazine! And then experience it for yourself on one of our upcoming trips to Colorado’s last best mountain town!

Getaway to the Valley
We love to see it when our partner’s are recognized as the best place to stay or thing to do! We knew it already, and we can’t wait to stay at the Carmel Valley Ranch! Read up on why it was included in AFAR’s ideal weekend in Carmel and then check out our trip to the valley on our website!

Winter is Coming
Planning ahead for winter already? From the sun to the ski slopes, here’s 14 domestic spots to check out this winter from Travel + Leisure Magazine. Several Manifest destinations – including Jackson Hole and Palm Springs – made the list!

Momentum Building

Here at Manifest, we can feel the momentum building. So far this month, we’ve been featured in the travel bible Skift, launched three new chapters, and are preparing for ski season! Read on to find out more!

Manifest X Skift
Travel industry bible Skift featured Manifest in an article about subscription travel services!

“Everything in the itinerary is planned for, from the time you’re picked up to go to the private airport terminal to your return,” our founder Jeff Potter said. “We’re making accessible rare indulgences like private aviation via an all-inclusive price.” Read more about Manifest here.

Manifest Launches Three New Chapters
Have you heard? We launched three new chapters in Santa Barbara, San Diego and Phoenix! Is one of them near you?

Read more about our newest chapters in Arizona Foothills Magazine.

Ski Season Arrives
Winter is coming! Time to start dusting off the skis and warming up those winter muscles! Here are six tips from Outside Magazine that even the most experienced skiers should keep in mind!

Happy Fall Y’All

Fall has officially arrived and all of us at Manifest are looking forward to leaf-peeping, pumpkin-picking and of course the cooler temperatures. We’re also hard at work on our winter adventures — the snow will be here before we know it!

Where to Find Fall
CNN has a handy Fall foliage map that is worth keeping bookmarked this season. Find out when your favorite leaf-peeping places are most likely to peak.

Pandemic Vacations
With weekend getaways all just a few hours from home (by private air), all of our Manifest experiences provide the benefits of the older days of travel without giving up on modern luxuries. According to the Washington Post, this is exactly the trend for pandemic-era vacations.

40 Years+ of Adventures
Richard Bangs, a Manifest board member, has worked for more than 40 years guiding people to experiences they didn’t know they were looking for. Read about his many adventures in Field Mag, hopefully he’ll inspire one of your own!


Have you noticed our new look? We’ve revamped our brand (and our website!) and are excited to announce we have also launched new chapters, bringing our exclusive experiences to members in Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles! Check out our new website — along with some new getaways! — and please share with your friends. We can’t wait to see you out there with us soon!

With that said, we’re still planning to bring you all the weekly travel tips and tricks!

There’s Always Private
As private air travel becomes more attractive, Manifest’s model may be just what you’re looking for. Our members fly on private planes for every experience, at prices lower than you might expect! The New York Times dives into why private air travel is the choice for more and more people.

West Coast Road Trips
Looking for a quick weekend road trip? Conde Nast Traveler has nine of the best drives you’ll find on the West Coast, and most can be done in just a few days (except the 1,300 mile stretch through Alaska!)

Where To Next?
What would you ask the world’s most seasoned travelers if you could? Conde Nast Traveler asked everything from their favorite place to stay from the books they read that inspired them the most!

Podcasts and Parks

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last few months, it’s that there are all different kinds of ways to travel. Depending on your preferences and desires, there’s an option for everything. Read on for one way you can explore without leaving home, as well as some possibilities close to home — and one close to us here in Denver!

Travel Tales by AFAR
There’s a new travel podcast in town! AFAR recently launched Travel Tales, and each week they’ll talk with a different traveler who learned something monumental from a trip.

Lake Vacations Across America
Travel + Leisure put together a list of the top 25 lake vacations in the United States! We bet there’s one near you!

Wow in Rocky Mountain National Park
Right in our HQ’s backyard, Rocky Mountain National Park has too many “wow” spots to count. This article from Sunset tried though! What National Park is next on your list to visit?

Quick Trip

While COVID-19 is still a concern, many people are starting to think about how they can venture out safely again. More articles are popping up with tips and tricks for trips, as well as reasons why you should take them. Here’s a few.

Invest in Your Wellbeing
Short getaways are “an investment in your long-term wellbeing,” according to researchers who found that Americans are more interested in quick, local trips this summer. Read more about this survey in the Boston Herald.

How to Road Trip During COVID
Looking for tips for taking a road trip during coronavirus! This writer for AFAR did it herself with her father. If you are looking for personal experiences, look no further.

62 Parks Traveler
The 62 Parks Traveler is back, this time at Canyonlands! Who needs to go to Mars when you can go to Utah? Read more in Outside Magazine.

Window on the World

Waking up to a new view out the window is one of our favorite aspects of travel. So we were excited to find out we can still experience that feeling from home! Plus, why you should take a walk — maybe in the woods? — this week.

Window Swap
Getting tired of the same view outside your window? Swap it out! This new website will send you the views outside windows from around the world. Thanks to Food + Wine for letting us know!

Take A Walk
Long walks on the beach are more than just a cliche – they may improve your mental health! A new study as reported in Travel + Leisure says so!

In the Woods
It’s National Forest Week! Find out more about how you can experience these national treasures and join the (virtual) celebration!

World’s Best

At Manifest, we pride ourselves on working with partners that will offer exceptional experiences to our members. That’s why we were thrilled to see several of the hotels and spas we have included in our trips listed as the “World’s Best” by Travel + Leisure Magazine. Read on to find out who took the title – and congratulations to all!

Best Midwest Resorts
In addition to being named a top 25 resort for families, Big Cedar Lodge was also named one of the top 10 best resorts in the Midwest! We can’t wait for our members to spend a long weekend there soon!

Best Spas in the US
Ready for a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway? Ten Thousand Waves was named a top 15 spa getaway in the United States, and it’s on our list of places to visit!

Souvenir Meaningfully
While you’re visiting the best in the world, you’ll want to bring the best back with you. Conde Nast Traveler’s Women Who Travel podcast talked to two experts about how you can shop for meaningful souvenirs that you’ll love looking at once you’re home.

Happy 4th!

From all of us at Manifest, we hope you had a happy and safe Fourth of July! Whether or not you were traveling, there were plenty of ways to get in the travel mindset over the holiday.

Busy Travel Weekend
Forecasters predicted the Fourth of July weekend could be the busiest travel weekend in months. It’s a trend that could last through the rest of summer, according to a report in Conde Nast Traveler.

4th of July Sales
If you weren’t traveling over the holiday, hopefully you were able to at least take advantage of these travel gear deals! Conde Nast Traveler had the best of the sales.

Travel Vicariously Through the Grand Canyon
Live vicariously through Brendan Leonard’s experience spending a month rafting through the Grand Canyon, as told in Outside Magazine. You may even feel jealous of his “groover” duty!

Where to Next?

As many states and locations begin to re-open for travel, all of us at Manifest — and we’re sure many of you as well — are beginning to think about where we’ll travel next. These articles offer ideas and tips, as well as motivation, for your next adventure.

Where You Travel Based on Where You Live
AFAR Magazine asked Expedia to compile some data on the favorite destinations of travelers in each state. Do their results line up for you? Are any of the locations on your list?

Travel Makes You Happy
A new study published in Nature Neuroscience and reported in Travel + Leisure has found that having new and varied experiences every day leads to more happiness, even if it’s just around your hometown. The researchers added, “…those who go out to explore their own neighborhoods one day are also more likely to go out and explore the next.”

Stress-Free Road Trips
If you’re thinking your next trip might be of the road variety, check out this article from The Discoverer Blog. These six gadgets are sure to make your next trip not just more organized, but more enjoyable too!