5 Benefits of Corporate Membership with Manifest

For organizations seeking client loyalty trips, executive retreats, or sales reward travel, Manifest’s Corporate Membership offers all-inclusive, custom-curated vacations combined with private air travel. With getaways to unique destinations, we create powerful experiences for our Members. Read on to learn more about five benefits of Corporate Membership with Manifest.

Intentional Time Together

When it comes to fostering meaningful connections among a leadership team, nothing is more effective than an experiential event to successfully invigorate and motivate a group. 

Innovative organizations turn to company retreats to nurture real conversations off the grid because they recognize that being intentional with their team’s time matters. Knowing that these retreats hold immense value for companies, Manifest combs unique destinations to find luxury retreats, properties, and unparalleled activities to promote team building, camaraderie, and re-energize your top performers.

Removed from the everyday routine of office life and repetitive work tasks, a corporate retreat with Manifest carves out the much-needed space and time to inspire your team to work toward their shared goals. We recognize the importance of promoting these travel programs to generate internal enthusiasm and participation. Knowing that the outcomes of a corporate retreat improve the company’s bottom line, retreats also add value by establishing an ongoing expectation for team excellence.

Door-to-Door Travel

With Manifest, your team’s travel is managed door to door – from pick-up at their residence with black car service to delivering them to a private flight and returning them home at the conclusion of their work retreat. Your team will travel via the safety and comfort of private air to a meticulously curated experience and destination with their co-workers.

From fly-fishing and golfing in the scenic Jackson Hole valley to a yoga retreat in Red Rock country in Sedona, Arizona, our variety of immersive experiences can be customized to fit your group of travelers and their specific needs. With a Corporate Membership from Manifest, your team can build impactful team goals and objectives away from the predictable routine of everyday office life and daily tasks. 

Compassionate Leaders Circle Training

Our Corporate Membership also includes our thoughtfully curated Compassionate Leaders Circle (CLC) training. This dedicated program unleashes the potential of people through compassion. 

“High-performing teams are developed through a shared purpose and authentic relationships,” says Laurel Donnellan, Founder and CEO at CLC. “Manifest corporate programs are designed to accelerate this process so that leaders can go back to work and reach new heights with their colleagues.” 

With deep expertise from this program, we help stakeholders navigate purposeful career change, develop leadership mastery, and cultivate professional compassionate coaching skills.

Compete for Talent

Employee benefits such as unlimited vacation days, the option to work remotely, and matched 401Ks used to be competitive offerings but are now standard expectations at many organizations. Compete for the best talent in your industry during the hiring process by including the details of a Manifest trip in your job descriptions. How many hiring managers can lay claim to a luxury retreat and private flights? Set yourself apart and recruit competitively.

Cost Savings

The cost of paying out-of-pocket for your team members to fly privately to a picturesque destination or experience is much more substantial. Manifest is cost-effective. We have long-standing relationships with trusted partners and vendors and continue to negotiate our rates with them aggressively, returning the value to our members. Additionally, our all-inclusive price includes luxury lodging, meals, miscellaneous fees, and gratuities so you’re never bombarded with an unexpected and steep folio bill at the end of your team’s travel. Everything is included in your Corporate Membership. 

Annual dues are applied toward your first trip each membership year. Private air travel for every guest on each trip is included with a Corporate Membership. You’ll enjoy access to all current Manifest experiences and also have the option to request your own customized trip or charter services to fit your team’s specific travel needs. With a Corporate Membership, you will receive up to five individual Manifest Memberships annually for your executives to take part in with their own family and friends.

In addition to whisking your team away on a luxurious retreat, the Manifest Corporate Membership is an ideal option to reward your company’s best customers. Leverage our Corporate Membership for client loyalty trips, sales reward travel, executive or Board of Directors retreats, and executive benefits programs. Contact us today to learn more about our options.