August Already?

We can’t believe this week marks the end of July and beginning of
August. But as the temperatures rise, the days left before summer
vacations officially end get lower. If you’re still dreaming of a summer getaway, or just in dire need of a place to cool off, check out the articles from this week.

Cool Off This Summer
With all these triple-digit temps lately, we’re daydreaming of these places to beat the heat. We might even be booking flights to one of these eight places Outside Magazine suggests as the best places to cool off this year.

Before Back-to-School
Whether you’re trying to beat the heat or just beat the back-to-school deadline, The Discoverer Blog has eight ideas that are easily-accessible ideas but won’t feel last-minute.

Best Road Trip: Baja
For those with more time on their hands, National Geographic beyond the Cabo party scene and digs into what truly makes the Baja peninsula unique.

Splurge a Little… or a Lot

Do you have a travel bucket list? Is there a new piece of tech or an
accessory you know would make your travel easier but you haven’t pulled the trigger yet and made the purchase? For this week’s round-up, read one woman’s story of her travel-with-no-regrets policy, as well as some items you’ll never feel bad about adding to your cart.

No Regrets Travel
This travel writer has budgeted $50,000 for travel in 2019. She shares with Business Insider how she’s spending it with no regrets.

Beach Essentials
As the temps heat up around the country this summer, we’re dreaming of days by the water. Here’s eight essentials for your beach bag this
summer thanks to The Discoverer Blog.

Cultivate Your Wanderlust

If you’re not traveling currently, envisioning your next getaway can be the next best thing. Here are our weekly tips, tricks, and trips to help you cultivate your sense of wanderlust from wherever you may be!

Wanderlust Podcasts

At home but still want to get in the travel mindset? Here are the best travel podcasts from Nomadic Matt that you can listen to while driving, cleaning or working out.

Add These Places to Your Bucket List

The United States is home to many iconic landmarks. The Discoverer Blog found 25 you need to see before you die.

Pack a Full Week of Travel into a Weekend

“A well-planned micro-trip in many ways feels more fulfilling than a
traditional week- or two-week-long vacation,” says the Discoverer Blog. We could not agree more.

Join Us!

Experience a meteor shower from one of the darkest places in the
country, or see the fall colors in the most photographed spot in Colorado. These and other new experiences are live on our Denver chapter’s
website, and more are coming! Check them out!

Finding the Unexpected

Often when traveling we set out with a plan — looking to find a
well-known landmark, a famous restaurant, or a popular vista. But along the way, we may be passing by places that are just as incredible, although unexpected. Check out the articles below to learn how you can experience the unexpected while you travel.

Revisit Places You’ve Been Before
Just because you’ve been somewhere before does not mean you won’t experience it differently a second time. The Discoverer Blog discusses how revisiting the same places can lead to new experiences, and why that old familiar feeling is not always a bad thing.

Kentucky Home to World’s Largest Cave System
Did you know that Kentucky is home to the world’s largest cave system? Just proves that sometimes the most interesting places are closer than you think — if you know where to look!

15 Weekend Getaways to Take This Summer
There are 15 weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day — make the most of them! The Travel Channel offers up 15 weekend getaways to take this summer.