Join Us for our Summer Send-Off!

We have set a date for our Summer Send-Off, our first event where we will send-off our newest members on their first vacation—the exclusive Sonoma Food & Wine Tour departing in August. You’ll also have an
opportunity to meet our founders and hear from our keynote speaker, award-winning travel writer Joshua Berman! Find out more and RSVP below!

Manifest’s Summer Send-Off

With choice accommodations, indelible experiences and, as always,
private plane travel, Manifest is the most sought after lifestyle and
vacation club in Denver. Join us June 12 at the Source Hotel in Denver as we kick-off our Denver Chapter and highlight our extraordinary
getaways. RSVP here.

Stop Trying Too Hard with Travel

Wondering why you’re not finding your travel deeply meaningful or coming home feeling the same as when you left? You might be doing it wrong. When you choose the right destination and truly experience your trips with a tribe you enjoy, you can stop trying so hard to search for meaning in your travel and just find it.

A New Generation of Travel

No matter how old you are, travel is becoming more about meaningful experiences and creating a community. Skift discusses the new
generation of travel clubs and how travelers of all ages are joining the movement.